39 Simple Ways to A Stylish Home Office

From recommended buys and clever tricks to mini decor projects and the power of plants, this is our roundup of the simplest and quickest ways to make your home office more beautiful now.

1.) Add a splash of green

Stimulate creativity in your working area by painting a band of grassy green onto a bright white wall. Using the edge of a spirit level to ensure the band is perfectly straight start with a pencil drawn line. Next place masking or decorating tape over the line to ensure a crisp line once painted over. Instant results for a calmer, cooler home office and it won’t cost you the earth.

2.) Choose a space saving desk

A leaning desk is a great option if you don’t have a dedicated room for home working, as all you need is a sturdy wall to set it up against. Do it right and it will look both modern and elegant.

3.) Add some life to your desktop

Weather you decide to go for the real deal or a fabulous faux, adding some greenery to your desk will help to create an inspiring environment that will breathe life into even the dullest of desks. So, whether its small shrubs, cactus or flowers get the plants to work for you.

4.) Sort the small stuff

Rather than rummaging around in the bottom of a drawer every time you need a paper clip or a pair of scissors, keep them handy on a pretty tray or magnetic paperweight.

5.) Update a noticeboard

Cover a plain cork noticeboard in a sheet of pretty wrapping paper that matches the scheme of your room. Spray paint push pins in complementary pastel or metallic finishes so that it all ties together. Looks brilliant and its no bother.

6.) Pick a seat with style

It’s important to go for a desk chair that will give your back (and derriere!) the support it needs, but that doesn’t mean it has to be ugly. A smart, grey leather-look option has a sleek and modern silhouette that’s easily adjustable and will work with most syles of desk, too.

7.) Hide an ugly printer

Sit that unsightly, bulky printer on top of a vintage wooden crate when it’s in use and set it inside the crate when the printer is not.

8.) Keep stationery to hand

Add this sunshine yellow organiser to your desktop and ensure you’ll always have a pen and notebook no more than an arm’s length away.

9.) Put paper in order

Dedicate each tier of a wooden letter tray to a aspect of your business, ‘in’ ‘out’ & ‘important’, or whatever meets your needs. Just remember to keep important documents safe.

10.) Embrace the dark side

Give your office space a smart, classic look with a monochrome scheme of white walls and floors, paired with black furniture and dazzling lighting. A patterned rug will help tie the colours together.

11.) Pretty up your box files

Give your office storage a lift by using offcuts of wallpaper or wrapping paper to cover plain plastic box files. Use double-sided sticky tape or spray mount to secure the paper to the boxes.

12.) Pick a do it all bin

Choose an industrial-style wire wastepaper bin that can also double up as a magazine holder, shoe tidy or gadget organiser.

13.) Supersize a wall paper

Make your work schedule big enough for all to see at ease. Use extra large chalkboard wall stickers as they are perfect for the job.

14.) Put old candle jars use

When you’ve finished burning one of your posh jar candles, give it a quick rinse to remove any wax then use it to store pens or pencils in on your desk.

15.) Make your workspace mobile

Whether you want to work by a window for maximum light, by the fire to keep warm in winter, or even outside in the garden on warmer days, purchase a desk that can easily be carried from place to place.

16.) Use soothing shades

Go for ombre pastel colours on the walls of your home office for a calming feel that will create tranquillity you need. Modern furniture prevents the look becoming too girly, whilst white accessories and lighting keep it chic and simple.

17.) Stack up storage

Metal trunks or suitcases make a great place to store paperwork, photo albums or even stationery and can be stacked on top of each other for a stylish display.

18.) Make the most of an alcove

Turn the wasted and awkward space of an alcove in a bedroom or dining room into a home office setup, using a wall mounted shelf-system.

19.) Make a reusable calendar

Frame 31 squares of colour card in a cheap plastic frame, then use a wipeable marker pen to draw over the glass with each day of the month and appointments.

20.) Organise your desk drawers

Place cutlery dividers inside your office drawers to organise pens, rules, and other items of stationery. Or, if you have deeper drawers, pack in empty loo roll tubes stood on their ends.

21.) Style up shelves

Don’t miss an opportunity to create the perfect ‘shelfie’ in your office, and make sure to display pretty objects as bookends to break up the boring.

22.) Keep note of Ideas

Hang a large roll of brown paper on the wall from a paper roll dispenser so that you’ll always have somewhere to jot down ideas. Just pull down fresh paper as you need it.

23.) Smarten up your pinboard

Say goodbye to your sad, overloaded noticeboard and go for a super-smart fabric one instead.

24.) Invest in a leather chair

Go for a mid-century vibe in your home office, with a smart tan leather chair that will last you a lifetime. Go for one with a tilt functions and armrests for optimum comfort.

25.) Display your kids’ art

Hang a trio of clipboards to the wall for an easy gallery style display. Clip up kids’ sketches and drawings and replace every time they draw a new one.

26.) Hide cable clutter

With so many plugs and chargers your desk can start to resemble tangled spaghetti. Gather them together in a storage box for a quick, neat easy fix.

27.) Design your own setup

Create a home office that caters precisely to your needs, with strings ingenious shelving system. Atttach side panels to the floor or wall and add in shelves, cabinets and drawers to suit you.

28.) Update an office chair

Re-cover the seat of an old office chair to give it a new lease of life. Add extra comfort and warmth to keep you going through the day with a sheepskin rug and maybe even an embellished cushion, too.

29.) Go glam with stationery

Get rid of chewed pens and old pencils and give your desk a little refresh with some glam golden stationery.

30.) Dedicate a spot for tech

Keep your ‘phone, tablets, kindle and smart remotes in one handy place, so they don’t clutter up your desk and can be easily accessed when you need them.

31.) Keep chargers nearby

Use gold or silver sprayed bulldog clips to clip the leads of chargers to the edge of your desk, so they are ready to power up your phone or tablet as soon as they run out of juice.

32.) Get your paperwork in order

Free up the dining table of reports, bills and letters and file them away in a smart cabinet. Each drawer has a card holder to label up the contents. Remember to purchase one on castors, so it can be moved around with ease.

33.) Extend shelving to the floor

Ensure an organised and clutter free work space with modular shelving that fits to the wall.

34.) Let music get you in the zone

Block out the noise and distractions of the washing machine / dog / family around you and choose something soothing to listen to with a set of wireless headphones.

35.) Hidden storage

Perfect for a workspace that’s also a living area. A filling cube is also a handy ottoman, to provide additional seating or foot rest after a long, hard day.

36.) Let your ideas flow

Turn a wall of your home office into a giant pinboard by covering it with large cork tiles. Leave them natural or paint them to match your color scheme and them pin up postcards, paint swatches and photos you love.

37.) Save space with a wall light

Perfect over desk, work space or reading area, a wall light will free up precious table-top space and can be easily adjusted to direct light exactly where you need it.

38.) Write it on the wall

Mask off a square on the wall above your desk and fill with black chalkboard paint to create your own oversized ‘to do’ list that can’t be ignored.

39.) Display your wares

While some office essentials are better off in filing cabinets and cupboards, be sure to display your everyday items and inspirational collections and keepsakes on open shelving.