Best Standing Desk for Your Home Office

Every home office needs a standing desk because you put yourself at a risk for health problems if you continue sitting as it promotes slouching in almost all office workers. It is easy to see why even research encourages you to use a standing desk because it promotes more muscle use. The wrong sitting position can create a misalignment in your spine and knees. This exacerbate arthritis, poor circulation, fatigue, jaw pain, headaches, sexual dysfunction, and shoulder/ back pain.

On top of mitigating these issues, using a standing desk may help with health maintenance. The use of a standing desk increases energy expenditure or number of calories burned throughout the day. It is notorious for desk-bound workers to suffer from weight gain. You often see the pounds creep up when people are literally tied to their office desk for 8 hours a day. Having a standing desk in your home office gives you the choice to move around.

Studies have also indicted that people with a sit-stand desk office setup are just more productive than those who continuously sat down. Here are five standing desks you can choose from. Whether you are looking for the best overall standing desktop, the best mid-range option, or the one that gives best value for money, this handy guide will help you choose the right standing desktop that will fit your needs. It is critical to note that making an informed choice is the best way to ensure you get the product you like.

Best All Around Standing desk – Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk

Product Specs

The height is 23.75 inches to 49.25 inches, with the desktop not included in the measurement. The desk itself can support 350 pounds and is made from high quality bamboo with black grommets. This comes with a memory option and a 7 year warranty on all, frame, mechanical, and electrical components.

What Are the Important Considerations When Buying the Jarvis standing Desk?

When you are shopping for the best home office standing desk, it can be confusing because of so many choices. There will be a slight variation in specs for all standing desks, so what you choose depends on your needs and budget. Here are some considerations before buying your Jarvis standing desk.

Adjustable Desk Height: You need to find something that can be adjusted in terms of height because not everyone is the same size. Something you can tailor to suit your needs is critical in helping you make the best choice for your home office.

Weight It Can Handle: Consider the weight limit of the standing desktop because if you have a lot of equipment, then you will definitely need something that will bear the burden of all that heavy equipment.

Think of the Motor: A motorized mechanism is the preferred choice so it won’t be too cumbersome to manually arrange the height of your desk.

Memory Settings Options: You have to be able to save your favorites settings because this is convenient and will save you the time and hassle of having to reconfigure each time you need to make adjustments.

Why We Chose The Product Jarvis Standing Desk over other products?

It is easy to see why the Jarvis standing desk is the best all around desk for your home office. It looks stylish and classy with its bamboo material and understated black trim design. Its features will blend beautifully with any kind of home office interior design.

This standing desk is very easy to maneuver, so you can tailor fit it to your height and needs. Even at the highest setting, the frame of the Jarvis does not jiggle and exhibits that it is a very stable product.

The Jarvis is an easy to use machine that comes the with a digital display with four preset options for easy adjustment. This attention to detail makes this standing desktop shine above the rest of its contenders. The motorized mechanism is quiet and allows the base to seamlessly adjust to the desk’s varying position options.

What We Like and Dislike About This Desk?

The very versatile Jarvis is easy to love with the main desk itself being made of sustainable bamboo. It is very environment friendly being that the material was not raised with pesticides and fertilizers. It is also good for your health because it has no chemical colorants.

Jarvis has a lot of reasonable extras you can purchase with this desk like locking casters, pencil trays, monitor arms, and desk lamps. All of these will be easily lifted up by a quiet motor that can raise the frame as fast as 1.5 inches per second.

The major drawback of this Jarvis is that it only has a 7 year warranty for the frame alone. The desktop itself is not included.

Under $100 – TaoTronics Stand Up Desk Sit Stand Desk Adjustable

Product Specs

Tao Tronics can support up to 33 pounds with its x-structure. Easy height adjustment in 5 different variations from 3 feet to 5 feet with a flick of a lever. Can only fit one laptop.

What Are the Important Considerations When Buying the Tao Tronics?

When you’re looking for the cheapest option, then you cannot expect all the bells and whistles because of the very low price. Here are some things to consider in finding the best home office standing desktop that won’t break your wallet.

Stability: This is very important because even if the product is cheap, you don’t want to compromise you computer by getting a flimsy one that topples over.

Height Settings: Even at this price, it must still be versatile and come with various height options.

Size of Table: It must be big enough to accommodate the size of your laptop.

Why We Chose The Product Tao Tronics Desk Over Other Products?

Well, the price alone speaks for itself. You can’t possibly find a cheaper product than this. Tao Tronics is very affordable that it can suit any budget. It will do it its job of letting you stand and sit at your own convenience with its 5 height settings.

What We Like and Dislike About This Desk?

In spite of the cheap price, Tao Tronics is still very stable because of its X structure. The table itself may not be motorized, but you will be able to adjust it a lot faster than the mechanized one with a press of a lever. You will need to use both hands, though, to ensure your device remains secure. The main drawback of this product is that it doesn’t have room for anything else other than one standard sized laptop due to its limited weight capacity and small table sized.

Under $200 – AirRise Pro – Adjustable Standing Desk Converter with Dual Monitor Mount

Product Specs

This will work with any desk you have to convert it into a sit-stand desk. Has two tier design with upper for the display and lower for the keyboard and mouse. Includes dual monitor stand to free up space on the desk. Can accommodate 35 pounds.

What Are the Important Considerations When Buying the AirRise Pro?

When you’re looking to buy a product at this price point, there are just a few things to remember.

Assmembly: The AirRise Pro requires no assembly. You can use it as soon as you receive it.

Mechanism: This comes with an X design that shifts the height. It is similar to the mechanism you often see in ironing boards.

Add Ons: This comes with a monitor stand that can easily accommodate two LCD monitors and wire management clips.

Why We Chose The Product AirRise Pro Over Other Products?

This very affordable product will work well with any of your desks, making it a sensible choice. There is no assembly required. It comes with large clips that will help you organize your wires. Most importantly, the X design makes it very stable, so you don’t have to worry about your monitors toppling over. The dual screen display option is also a nice touch.

What We Like and Dislike About This Desk?

With the AirRise Pro’s affordable price point and lifetime warranty, this product is very easy to like. It comes with great stability and an infinite position lock. The drawbacks are it is not very suitable for anyone over 5’8 and it provides very minimal keyboard space. Moreover, adjustment may take effort because you have to do it with your hands.

Under $300 – SHW Electric Height Adjustable Computer Desk

Product Specs

Motorized mechanism that adjust from 28 inches to 46 inches. Comes with a digital display that provides 4 memory settings. Base is made of industrial steel. Top has grommets to organize cords.

What Are the Important Considerations When Buying the SHW?

This SHW is a mid-range product that will give you value for money. Here are some things to think of when you look at this brand.

Motor: The electrical motor will make your life easy as you won’t have to do the backbreaking work of lifting things with your bare hands.

Memory: The memory setting that comes with the product assures you can easily adjust the table to your favorite settings.

Table Space: This is a fairly big product that can fit a lot of items and not just the computer.

Why We Chose The Product SHW Over Other Products?

The SHW has made an electronic standing desk that is truly affordable. At this price point, it is truly amazing how SHW can give you everything you need to make your life easy. From the motor, memory, cable management, and big desk space, this superior product is indeed able to offer quality at an unbeatable price.

What We Like and Dislike About This Desk?

It is easy to like everything about this product, as it even comes with free shipping; truly making this a choice that is a cut above the rest. The only downside to this is the slightly noisy monitor, but even that is very forgivable because of what this SHW can offer and actually do.

Best Standing Desk for small home office – Ergotron WorkFit-C Single HD Sit/Stand Workstation

This adjusts the keyboard from 22.4 inches to 42.4 inches and the monitor from 36.3 inches to 61.3 inches. Can support dual 22 inches LCD with 360 degree rotation. Manual adjustment. Come with wheels.

What Are the Important Considerations When Buying the Ergotron Workfit C?

If you’re working with a small home office, then you naturally need a smaller product. Here are some things to consider.

Customization: Check how you can tailor fit the product to suit your needs, which includes budget and space. If you can move the monitors to accommodate whichever direction you go, then that adds great versatility to your desk.

Amount Desk Can Accommodate: Aside from just a computer or a laptop, it would be better if the desk can fit other things because these aren’t the only things you need while you’re working. 4

Portability: Most desks are stationary, so if you can easily move a standing desk, then those are huge plus points.

Why We Chose The Product Ergotron Workfit C Pro Over Other Products?

The Workfit C allows for two levels of adjustment that will help you find the fit you need for your small office. This stand moves from sitting to standing with just a push of a button. The monitors can be pushed up or down and rotated, allowing true customization. This offers a place for your computer, documents, pens, and even a cup of coffee. This product was built to be portable because it comes with large wheels.

What We Like and Dislike About This Desk?

Easy installation makes this a great choice. The portability and customization levels are all top notch. However, this product is a bit pricey for something that doesn’t offer a motor. On top of that, it has a tendency to wobble. Cord management can also  be improved because it doesn’t provide much in terms of organizing those wires that come with all gadgets.

What is the Best Buy?

Never underestimate the significant benefits of choosing a standing desk for your home office. You are predisposed to hurting a lot of muscles when you’re stuck in a traditional desk. By opting to find the best home office standing desk, you can avoid these numerous problems. After looking at these five awesome products, all offering different specs and  great functionality, it is evident that the best one is the SHW because of its price and high tech details. It may not be the cheapest one listed here, but it is able to provide all the high tech specs that are normally not seen in its price range. If you are after getting true value for money, this is the standing desk to buy for your home office.