Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk Review – A Fantastic Choice for your Home Office


Working from home. Well, there’s advantages and disadvantages. One of the problems is that the home isn’t generally designed as a place of work. While some don’t mind working away in the library, on the front porch, on the couch or just about anywhere, most can’t except to have a dedicated workspace suited for their kind of job in their home. 

However, having a workspace goes a long way in increasing creativity and productivity. Not only that, the chances of being distracted will be reduced if you have the desk that is just right for you. Furthermore, when you work from home you may find yourself seated for prolonged periods. Not good. There is a solution, however. This is where the Jarvis Bamboo Adjustable Standing Desk comes in. Working from home made simple!

What is Jarvis Bamboo Adjustable Standing Desk?

This beautiful desk is designed and created by Fully, a Portland-based company who are passionate about changing people’s view of working from home by creating and selling chairs, desks and other office equipment and furniture designed to prevent your body being in a fixed position for too long. Fully aims to bring ease and happiness to your work and life. The Jarvis Bamboo Adjustable Standing Desk is of simple but functional design and allows you to effortlessly select either the sitting or standing position. Both selections enable you to change the desk height with no difficulty so that chairs of differing heights can be swapped around and used with ease.

The desk has an elegant surface upon which you can place computer, books, phones and the likes. There are balance boards and contoured standing mats which enable you to change from one position to another with no difficulty. The desk is specifically made to be easily managed and assembled and is both attractive and secure. It is the ideal choice for a user looking for a beautiful and affordable desk.

Who is The Desk Designed for?

The Jarvis Bamboo Adjustable Standing Desk can be used by anybody, especially those working from home. Since the desk eliminates the problems associated with remaining seated for extended periods, you’ll be able to shift from sitting to standing without any kind of difficulty. It is safe to say that the desk promotes movement which is very important for your physical and mental health.

We all know that remaining sedentary – seated – for too long is bad news. When you buy the Jarvis Bamboo Adjustable Standing Desk you are making the step in the right direction to a healthier and happier lifestyle. Ideally, sitting or standing still for too long isn’t good as it will affect your productivity in a negative way. What you need is a standing desk that enables both sitting and standing with ease. This is why the Jarvis Bamboo Adjustable Standing Desk is essential for you.


Primary Features Of The Jarvis Bamboo Adjustable Standing Desk

The desk is designed smoothly with a lovely svelte surface which feels great to the touch. The edges of the desk are sanded down to smoothed, rounded contours. This Jarvis desk comes with surface options of 30″×27″ to 78″ by 30″. The level, unblemished surface also has three different sizes ranging from 48″×30″ to 72″×30. As well as the surface, the desk has various color options for the metal frame for you to choose from. The colors available are white, silver, black, red and alloy.

The Jarvis Bamboo Adjustable Standing Desk comes in multiple L-shape options for a larger space. The whole desk is packaged in two boxes, each box for the motorized stand and the desktop. The Wire Tamer wire management system – which is awesome – is packaged separately. This wire management system also comes with two wire tamer trays, zip ties, a power strip with an adequate 12′ cord and adhesive clips. No more wires cluttering your desk!

This Jarvis desk has a digital display handset which comes with four memory preset options to enable quick and easy adjustments. For height control, there’s an electronic elevation mechanism with multiple choice controllers. The control has a digital display that shows the current desk height. Now, that’s neat! In addition, Fully adds a cheaper, manual crank-powered Jarvis option for the controller.

What’s Included?

The desk comes with an industry-leading 7 year warranty for all frame, electrical as well as mechanical components. There’s helpful instructions on how to set up the desk easily for users who aren’t familiar or confident with tools. Fully built Jarvis desk’s frame with a heavier steel feet and a lifting column which is very wide at the bottom so the desk never wobbles and is well grounded. Rubber gourmets has been added to reduce the noise and vibration during arrangement or use.

Alternatives To The Jarvis Bamboo Adjustable Standing Desk

The following are other Jarvis desks if Jarvis Bamboo Adjustable Standing Desk isn’t what you’re looking for.

  • Jarvis Atwood Desk
  • Jarvis Oregon White Oak Standing Desk
  • Jarvis Powder coated Standing Desk
  • Jarvis Laminate Standing Desk
  • Jarvis Hardwood Standing Desk
  • Jarvis Crank Powered Standing Desk
  • Jarvis White Board Standing Desk
  • Jarvis Reclaimed Wood Standing Desk
  • Jarvis Evolve
  • Jarvis Frame Only
  • Jarvis Treadmill Desk

Your Jarvis Bamboo Adjustable Standing Desk

The Jarvis Bamboo Adjustable Standing Desk is growing in popularity. The desk has many American-made options that comes alongside the Chinese-made options. The 7 year warranty for the frame is in competition with Uplift’s which also made use of Chinese-made componentry, Jiecang. The desk is electrically controlled, provides better stability with a three segment leg (extended range).

Additionally, it’s beautiful and has a laminated desktop with digital controller and two gourmet holes. The desk is sold only by Portland, Oregon based ergonomic products retailer as well as marketed in good conditions. This means this Jarvis desk is not a product you can purchase from other dealers, only Fully has rights to sell it. No other third-party can sell it and shipping is actually free to most countries.


You might think a desk is just a desk and, well, maybe you’re right – on some levels… Because the Jarvis Bamboo Adjustable Standing Desk isn’t your everyday kind of desk. This desk has been cleverly designed with comfort, practicability, ease of use and your health all taken into account. Whether you’re the kind of person who works exclusively from home or you like bringing unfinished work from the office to your home, you’ll find having a dedicated workspace provided by the Jarvis Bamboo Adjustable Standing Desk right for you.

Furthermore, there’s a tax reduction for those who work at home. Bonus! To work from home successfully you need the Jarvis Bamboo Adjustable Standing desk so you can meet the demands of a busy, healthy work/life balance. The Jarvis Bamboo Adjustable Standing Desk is fun to use with an abundance of space and the ability to lower or raise the height with ease. You don’t have to set the desk into a permanent position when you want to just check in. It’s the ultimate healthy and productive desk. This affordable, high quality desk is your next must-have purchase.

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