Best L Shaped Desk For Your Corner Home Office

The Best L Shaped Desk For Your Corner Home Office

When it comes to maximizing any home or office space, there’s nothing like what an L-shaped desk can give you. It’s the kind of table that has so much more versatility in your home office that a regular desk no matter the same can give you.

If you’ve never had an L-shaped desk or even experienced working on one, you’ve never felt the breadth of space and functionality quite like it. It’s one of those “you don’t know it until you’ve experienced it” kind of thing.

Other than the obvious benefits of an L-shaped desk with having significantly more space by proportion for just a little bit more than the price of a regular desk, there’s also the extra legroom, extra storage space and consequently having the capacity to allocate areas for specific tasks, activity or function. Think computer area. Think filing area. Think a mini resource reading library.

And everything is practically just reaching distance.

Are you now beginning to feel the excitement the L-desk is going to bring into your home workspace?

What I have here are five of the best L shaped desks for your home office available from Amazon of different make and style from Techni Mobili Tempered Glass Desk to SHW Corner Wood Desk to Little Tree Rotating Corner Desk.

It’s really surprising to find the variety of practical features that’s available in an L-desk.

This should give you a good guide to finding your ideal L-desk that match your taste and requirement of your home office.

Best all Round L-Shaped Desk

Techni Mobili – Tempered Glass L Shape Corner Desk with Pull Out Keyboard Panel

The Techni Mobili corner desk is my best all-around L-shaped desk of the bunch. It’s got practical adaptability, nice durability and a clean modern style that can practically fit in anywhere.

Interchangeable Sides

The best feature of Techni Mobili L Shape Corner Desk is its ability to interchange either side of its linked table. You may choose to have the shorter desk with the keyboard on the right or the left of the slightly longer desk according to your preference or how the desk fits in the room.

So you’re actually getting two benefits in this one feature alone: being able to choose your preferred working side and having an extra desk by you at your leisure.

That’s adaptability and functionality right there.

Sturdy Glass & Frame

I like Techni Mobili’s tempered clear glass surface, set on scratch-resistant powder-coated steel frame. Now, that’s durability. That’s glass that won’t shatter and steel frame that I am confident will hold it up without wobbling as other customers have indicated. This L-desk is definitely a stable desk you can work on with the ease of mind and pleasure from sturdiness.

Clean Simple Design

Techni Mobili has a clean modern look that can fit in an office space or any side workspace matching most interior design space. It’ll fit almost anywhere with its glass surface and simple lines.

Other Notable Features:
The Techni Mobili has a pullout keyboard tray under its shorter side. It allows for a cleaner workspace with the option to tuck it under when not in use.

The desk also comes with a separate caddy holding your CPU elevated above the floor if you’re using a desktop with a motherboard with older style casing. However, with most of us working with laptops, you may do away with the caddy to give you more legroom.

At four and a half stars of five from 218 Amazon customer reviews, it’s a pretty good buy.

Best L-Shaped Desk Under $100

SHW L-Shaped Home Office Wood Corner Desk, Espresso

Here’s an affordable simply structured desk with a basic L-shape configuration having both ends at the same length. The SHW Home Office Corner Desk is straight cut in design lines.

Affordable & Super Easy To Install

Being under a hundred dollars, the SHW Home Office Corner Desk is one of the more affordable L-desk. Perhaps the only feature that stands out is it’s espresso colored hue and its easy and fast assembly as praised by many SHW Corner Desk buyers.

Still, for many customers, it was well worth it, earning four of five-star rating.

This is a wonderful choice of a relatively spacious table for a student desk or a start-up entrepreneur’s first home office desk.

So, in summary, the SHW Corner Desk is easy to set up in twelve minutes as one reviewer recounted with two instances of using a screwdriver with a six-year-old helping. It does look pretty good for a simple L-shaped desk. If you choose to remove the mid-level bookshelf enders that come with it, you should have extra spacious legroom. Still, the bookshelf enders do make for a cleaner open table since you now have a place for odds and ends.

Best L-Shaped Desk Under $200

Walker Edison Soreno Modern 3-Piece Corner Desk for Home Office

For under $200, but just a little more than Techni Mobili, you get the option whether you want an L-shaped configuration or two separate tables. That’s what Walker Edison Soreno offers with their design.

The design lines of Walker Edison Soreno is very much like Techni Mobili except for a few details. Both have tempered glass, similar structural line frames and interchangeable sides. They differ with their color (Walker Edison uses black tempered glass), with their dimension (Walker Edison has both sides of the same length of 51 and 1/8 inches) and with the ability to detach.

Detachable Sections

When it comes to pushing adaptability, Walker Edison Soreno Corner Desk shows it with its ability to detach sections.

You can take out the curved glass corner table and you’ll have two separate regular glass tables. There’s also a separate caddy for the CPU, not attached to the table, giving you more adjustments for legroom if you don’t want to be kicking the CPU under the table.

It has so far garnered four and a half stars of five in Amazon with 3,213 giving the reviews. People do find this corner desk worth the price.

Best L-Shaped Desk Under $300

Sauder 412320 August Hill L-Shaped Desk With Dover Oak Finish

With just a little over $200, you get the Sauder 412320 August Hill, an L-shaped desk with a Dover Oak Finish and a Slate Finish Accent. It’s basically a light-colored wood construction with a black top where you work.

Light Clean Wood Finish With Shelf and Drawer

A light clean wood finish looks nice everywhere you put it. That’s how easy it is to fit the Sauder August Hill in many spaces. It works well for a student study desk or an office work table. This table looks nice.

Extra Under Shelf and Built-In File Drawer

Here the second highlight of this L-desk, it’s got an under shelf and a file drawer built-in with full extension slides able to bear letter-size hanging file folders. If you don’t mind sacrificing a little bit of legroom on one side of the corner table and a bit from the other for the file, you’d still enjoy a decent legroom in the middle.

That means you can still enjoy a clearer cleaner table to work on.

The Sauder August Hill is an option for those who need a table that fits the interior decor of any room. The price matches this desk highlight.

Best for Small Office Corner Space

Computer Desk LITTLE TREE Rotating Corner Desk & Modern Office Study Workstation

The LITTLE TREE Rotating Corner Desk is a smaller L-desk design than our previous desks. It’s basically more as a computer desk having a swivelling side table. It’s still giving you a little bit more than a regular desk with an added feature of a side table that rotates to your needs.

The design is truly meant as a small office corner desk.

Ideal as a Home Computer Desk

The design of LITTLE TREE Rotating Corner Desk does go well with a clean modern furnishing. Its design purpose is clear: a table meant for a laptop and a detached computer monitor with some surface space for any handwriting. It does look hip with its cool rounded edges and modern design color and lines.

Extra Elevated Foot Shelf

Because of its smaller size, the LITTLE TREE Rotating Corner Desk has an elevated foot shelf where you may have some references and books standing. It’s not a lot of space but for a few essentials, it’ll do.

Detachable Side Table

The detachable swivelling side table can actually be attached on either side of the main table, allowing you to enjoy a ninety-degree corner table for a complete cubicle work experience, a more open angled set up for more workspace and a complete linear extension that stretches your table laterally.

You can actually completely tuck the swivelling side desk into the main desk transforming it into a regular work desk. In the complete-tuck position, the swivelling desk becomes another level where you can work with the main desk able to slide out towards you for writing or typing.


Whichever L-shaped desk you choose, consider the novel and lasting experience of an extended table with plenty of legroom and workspace able to match in your home office. These are the best L shaped desk home office. Check them out at Amazon.